Cébé Press Release – Master The Slopes With Cébé SHORTCUT MTB Sunglasses np

Paris (FRA), April 2018 – When running, focusing on the impact forces when choosing footwear is the first step. Very quickly the thought that vision is also a key aspect of this sport comes to mind. Running generates jerking movements, perspiration and exposure to rapidly changing light conditions. Running challenges the jogger’s vision, it can create discomfort and could potentially lead to an accident. With expertise gained by working with top international runners, Cébé is releasing a sunglass dedicated to women who run: STRIDE. This new style provides both a trendy look and running dedicated technologies.

The STRIDE’s feminine shape follows the wearer’s face contours and remains in place during activity thanks to adjustable nose pads and temple tips which ensure a customized fit and to anti-slip rubber on the nose and the temples. Very light (only 26g) for maximum comfort, STRIDE also provides perfect protection whatever the weather, thanks to two options: photochromic Variochrom Perfo lenses which adapt automatically to light from category 1 shade to a darker category 3 shade, or interchangeable lenses (category 3 for the brightest days and category 0 with a yellow tint dedicated to overcast conditions).

Since runners should be able to match their sunglasses with their outfit, STRIDE is available in 5 trendy colors and features flash mirror coatings on 2 models to bring an additional stylish twist to any run.