I started running in the mountains ten years ago. My first race was the selection for the European Mountain Running Championship. I remember that I won that race, a short race of 4 kilometers and 300 metres. After this, I won the European Mountain Running Championship twice, as a junior. It became more difficult when I made the switch to the senior category. For 3 years nothing worked and that was the first time when I thought about giving up. However, I decided that I would try one more year of training. It was the best decision because I started running in the skyrunning races and the results began to come.  From 2014 to last year I ran for a club in Italy, Valetudo and they helped me to improve a lot, year after year. We have achieved many great results like: European Skyrunning Championship, 2nd place in the Livigno Skymarathon, my first victory in the Skyrunning World Series at ZacUp in 2019, 1st place in the Limone Extreme Skyrace – Skymasters Final and many other results. From this year 2020, I am really happy to be part of the Merrell team, Red Bull team, Compressport team and Cébé team and to have their support for achieving my goals in Skyrunning World Series circuit and Golden Trail Series.


  • Place and date of birth: Câmpulung-Mușcel city, located in Argeș county, Romania,  22.08.1992
  • City where you live now: Currently I`m living in Pitești city, located in Argeș county.
  • At what age did you start your discipline? I started skyrunning 6 years ago.
  • What are the reasons for having chosen it? Really, I don’t think that I had a reason because I was very young when I started running in the mountains. I remember that I liked running the uphill segments included in my athletics workouts from my childhood. After my first races I felt that I was in the right place and I wasn’t wrong.
  • What is your main objective in your sport career?To win a world champion title.
  • What is your main objective in your personal life?To travel and to have a beautiful family.
  • Why do you choose us as partner?I felt that with Cébé I would have a “clear view” in achieving the goals that will follow in my running career.
  • What do you like the most in our products? My first impression was the fact that I feel amazing with them, they’re very comfortable. Also Cébé products can satisfy your needs, especially in a race or a running workout, thanks to the versatile lenses, which adapt to all weather conditions. And of course, the sport lifestyle models are excellent for wearing in everyday activities.
  • Do you have a particular habit, a ritual before a competition? Before the races I just like to focus on my goals.
  • What is your favorite competition spot?My favorite competition spot so far is Zegama, Spain, but the next big challenge is to run in Chamonix.
  • What is the best memory in your career?The best memory was the win in the big final of skyrunning from last year, SkyMasters in Limone.
  • What is your favorite place to rest?Somewhere in the mountains where it is quiet and I can enjoy in peace the beauty of nature.
  • What is your favorite destination for holidays?Places with hot weather. I think that the Maldives is the perfect destination


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